Reinforced Soil

Imagine turf that is so tough and resilient, you can park a fire engine on it — after a hard rain — and drive it off without scarring the surface.

The addition of FiberSoils® synthetic fibers significantly improves the resilience and durability of the turf area while minimizing soil compaction. That allows you to design steeper slopes and more interesting terrain, increasing the aesthetic value of your project without the fear of soil failure.

  • FiberSoils “TurfGrids™” are used in the following applications:
    • Athletic Fields / Turf Parking / Great Lawns / Fire Access Lanes
  • FiberSoils “Geofibers™” are used in the following applications:
    • Slope Construction / Planting Soil Veneer / Landscape Landforms.

FiberSoils fiber-reinforcement provides the following benefits:

  • Increases shear strength by 20% to 50%
  • Significantly increases Load Bearing Capabilities
  • Provides increase slope stability
  • Reinforces planting soil veneer on steep slopes
  • Minimizes soil particle loss and erosion on slopes
  • Promotes healthy turf, shrubs, trees and vegetation

We can deliver new soil, blended with the proper type and amount of FiberSoils fibers, ready for installation, or we can simply provide the appropriate fibers which can be incorporated into the soil with a reverse- action tiller.

Typical Uses

  • Permeable, grass Fire Lanes or emergency vehicle access
  • Reinforce a lawn or sports field to use for overflow parking (rain or shine).
  • Create green areas specifically designed to host tents, food trucks and festival machinery without lawn damage.
  • Reinforce both sides of high use driveways to provide stable parking on the shoulder.


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