Stabilized Soil

Stabilized stonedust is 3/8” minus pulverized stone (locally sourced) precision blended with a water-activated binder.

Stabilized Stonedust is the ideal surface for an ADA Compliant nature path or pedestrian walkway. Design specifications are available that allow for light vehicular traffic.

A stabilized stonedust pathway has a loose aggregate surface underlain by a solidly bound stonedust slab. Five colors of stonedust have been approved for use with binding agent: Blue, Beige, Rose, Nickel and “Natural” gray.

What we deliver
Stabilized stonedust is delivered to your jobsite completely blended, hydrated and ready for installation.

Estimating / Bulk Density
Stabilized stonedust has a bulk density of approximately 111 pounds per cubic foot, so one cubic yard weighs 1.5 tons. Average compaction factor is 15 - 18%.

Coverage rate at a 3” depth* = 65 sq. ft./ton (foot traffic)
Coverage rate at a 4” depth* = 50 sq. ft./ton (light vehicular traffic)
Coverage rate at a 5” depth* = 35 sq. ft./ton (vehicular traffic)
Coverage rate at a 6” depth* = 20 sq. ft./ton (heavy vehicular traffic)

*Depth after compaction with 1 ton (minimum) roller


  • Natural, non-toxic materials.
  • Low impact - Permeable material.
  • Qualifies for LEED v4 points.
  • Product installation support from manufacturer’s representative.


  • Cannot be installed during rain or below 40°.
  • Will “track” coarse material when wet.
  • Washout potential in installations with poor drainage design.
  • May require spring maintenance to touch up and re-compact heavy use areas.

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