Green Roof Planting Media

Green roof planting media must provide a stable structure to anchor plant root systems, nutrients for plant health, and lightweight to prevent excess loading of the roof structure. These manufactured soils vary in composition but typically include lightweight aggregate and mature leaf compost.

Design standards for modern green roof soils were developed in Germany, beginning in the late 1960s. Green roof construction in the US has been accelerated in recent years, in part, thanks to the reduction of stormwater runoff from buildings with green roofs which helps meet new EPA stormwater regulations.

Read Custom Soils has been manufacturing lightweight soils for green roof since 2001 and has provided the planting media on most green roofs in New England. We are the authorized regional blender of rooflite® Certified Planting Media and we are the exclusive contract blender for several major green roof manufacturers.

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What we deliver
We can deliver any volume of green roof planting media in bulk, SuperSacks, or small bags throughout the region.


  • Reduced stormwater runoff
  • Improved building insulation value
  • Improved aesthetics for surroundings
  • Reduce heat island effect and provides valuable natural habitat in an urban area.


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