Golf Courses

Golf Course Superintendents are demanding customers. And they should be! They are responsible to the conditions found everywhere on their course, from the tees to the greens. We understand and respect this responsibility. In the last ten years we have earned the business of over two hundred golf professionals through our commitment to quality control, value and on-time deliveries. Superintendents are a demanding bunch….but so are we!

Why buy from Read?

Read Custom Soils offers the most consistent source of sand. Period. We literally have millions of cubic yards of sand reserves that guarantee a consistent source for the foreseeable future. What’s more, our unique sand has virtually no silt or clay content. It is perfect for USGA applications.

High Density Bunker Sand

To the golfer, the ball-lie is probably the most important aspect of the performance of the sand. Our blended high density bunker sand is a well-graded sand with high infiltration, excellent color and low penetration characteristics.


  • Dense graded sand particle size.
  • Desirable sub-angular particle shape
  • High penetrometer value
  • Low crusting potential
  • High infiltration rate
  • Natural light beige color
  • Overall playing quality


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