CU Structural Soil®

Developed by the Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University over 20 years ago, CU-Soil® is a proprietary combination of crushed stone, Gelscape® Hydrogel Tackifier, and clay loam.

CU- Structural Soil® is designed to allow trees to thrive in an urban setting where soil compaction is required to support sidewalks, parking lots, permeable pavers, or turf.

How does it work?
CU-Soil® is a two-part system comprised of a rigid stone
“lattice” that meets engineering requirements for a load-bearing paving base and a quantity of uncompacted soil that supports tree root growth. Void spaces between the stones provide room for soil, oxygen, and root growth. Among soil textures, clay has the most water and nutrient-holding capacity, so a heavy clay loam, with a minimum of 20% clay, is used in the CU-Structural Soil® system. This clay content is also essential for an adequate cation exchange capacity. Organic matter content ranging from 2% to 5% ensures nutrient and water holding while encouraging beneficial microbial activity.

What we deliver
CU-Structural Soil® is delivered to your job site completely blended and ready for installation.


  • CU-Soil® design is backed up by over 20 years of testing and successful installations.
  • Vigorous tree growth and improved longevity in difficult urban environments.
  • Prevents sidewalk heaving attributable to tree roots.
  • Product support from Read Custom Soils, licensed to manufacture CU-Soil® by Amereq.


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